It’s March already!? 2018 seems to be flying by! We’re not complaining over here at The Navy Knot, because March means…. Spring Break! Although I don’t have any trips on the calendar at the moment, most of you are traveling to warmer weather. And did I mention how jealous I am!? Even though I may not be going anywhere, I’m here to help you figure out exactly what you’ll need as your pack your bags, and we’ll throw in a few extra “wants” just in case you have extra space in that suitcase.

Need: A Long Statement Necklace

One of the most common mistakes of any vacation is over packing. When you stuff your suitcase to the brim, you run the risk of an overweight bag and zero room for any fun buys while on your trip. One of the best ways to avoid this is by utilizing your accessories. You can easily wear a casual, comfortable dress during the day while shopping or exploring the town. Then, throw on a long statement next like this one from Kendra Scott or this one from Julie Vos to dress up the same outfit. Change from sandals to a wedge and you’ve gone from comfortable to cocktails in .25 seconds!

This navy dress by Sail to Sable is the perfect canvas for jewelry. The cross in the back makes it adorable on its own, but once you throw on a pearl pendant necklace, it becomes a dress worthy of dinner and a show. You’ve just successfully fulfilled two looks while only changing one thing.

 Need: Swim Suits that Can Mix and Match

I know some people may rolls their eyes or shake their heads at this one for numerous reasons. Yes, one pieces are totally in right now! And yes, swimsuits don’t take up much space so why not pack one for every day? But let’s get smart here! You may be swimming in the ocean with seaweed and sand or you may be taking multiple beach photos every day (it is 2018 after all). When you pack two-piece swimsuits that can mix and match, you’re getting more “outfits” for your buck! If one bikini top doesn’t dry while hanging over the shower or a bottom unfortunately get snagged while sitting on the side of the pool, just switch it up!


We always try to do our best in the store to coordinate multiple pieces, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find two tops and two bottoms in your size. If you like the pieces above, you can find the tops here and here and the bottoms here and here.


Need: A Packable Bag

By now, I think you get it. Space is important! But how can you go to the beach, pool, or the adorable farmer’s market in town without a bright, fun bag!? Now hear me out, you can try to use your beach bag as your carry-on and risk getting it dirty in the overhead compartment. OR… You can pack one of the ingenious Getaway Packable Totes! Get the color and style while saving space.


Made by Lilly Pulitzer, the Getaway Packable Tote zips up to an 8-inch square then opens to a spacious bag. You can fit your towel, flip flops, and sunglasses with ease or fill it with antiques and souvenirs from the flea market. Best part? There’s four awesome patterns so you’re bound to find one that’ll match your favorite vacation outfit.

Need: A Neutral Sweater or Jacket

Regardless of how warm it will be during the day, you know every restaurant in town will crank the air conditioning at night. Make sure you’re prepared! A white jean jacket or ruffled wrap will pair with any outfit and prevent the inevitable chill.

You know stripes are our neutral! Throw on this navy and white striped sweater for the nights you’re sporting denim on the bottom, blue or white! You’ll thank me later.

Want: Anything on the Tassel Trend!!

If you have room amongst your white jeans and multiple pairs of sunglasses, why not throw in a statement piece?! Tassels are so on trend and now it’s easier than ever to have your wardrobe up-to-date. Tassel shirt that’s also off the shoulder? You’ve got it. Tassel earrings that won’t way you down? We’ve got that too! Tassels in neon colors or on an adorable clutch? Check and check!


Like any of these pieces above? Here are the links:





Otherwise, just search tassel on our website to find other awesome pieces to take along with you!

Now that you’re ready and packed, don’t forget to take pictures!! Tag us in your photos and make sure to use #navyknotstyle in all of your Instagram posts. And one last thing to make sure to pack… sunscreen!!

March 13, 2018 by Riley Kelly

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