Squeeze De Citron

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Squeeze De Citron™ bags are hand woven with 100% PVC recyclable plastic and are inspired by life sharing happiness, joy and doing good by making an impact. Each bag creates sustainable jobs for  artisans.

  • Includes a Citron™ Pompom - colors vary
  • Medium: Length: 15 in
    Width: 6 in
    Height: 13 in
  • Extra Large: Length: 19.5 in
    Width: 7 in
    Height: 17 in
  • Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. When used on the beach, rinse bag with a hose and the sand will self-drain through the small fibers of the bag. These artisan bags are flexible, allowing them to be bent and folded without damage. To maintain its shape, store in its original condition. Each bag is handmade and small frays are common.