By Zodax

Indulge in the invigorating scents of fresh eucalyptus, spruce, frosted fir, and cedarwood with the enchanting Siberian Fir Dome Jar Candle.

  • 5.25" Width x 5.25" Depth x 7" Height
  • Crafted from a hand-blown glass cloche and a gold-finished holder.
  • Candle is hand-poured in America using soy-blend wax, fragrance, and cotton wicks.
  • Burns for approximately 58 hours.
  • Dust with a soft cloth.
  • Candle wicks should be trimmed to a quarter inch (0.25") before burning to ensure safe flames and even burning.
  • Burn until the entire surface of the candle becomes molten, to allow the candle to burn evenly and to maximize burn time.
  • Candle flames should be extinguished gently to avoid splattering.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended as this is a fire hazard.
  • Keep burning candles away from flammable objects, and avoid placing candles in drafts as this could cause flames to spread
  • Keep burning candles away from children and pets to prevent injury.